New name and a new logo!

After a truckload of dragging my suitcase around the blog I’ve decided to trade in my blog’s old name and logo for something fresh and shiny! I’ve been on quest to learn as much cool new dhamma as possible and when I stumbled on the idea for coconut dhamma it sort of just well… hit me on the head :). So, I’ve decided to rebrand and let my blog be just what it has always been… stuff from around the world and around my head that all fits the theme of dhamma. FUN!

Cut me slack on my artistic abilities… my logo is 100% Apple emoji inspired, FYI, check out the coconuts :D!

And if you are wondering what coconut dhamma is all about go and read by post below to catch yourself up :).

Happy reading!


One Response to “New name and a new logo!”

  1. Curlytop & Honeybun Reply April 20, 2015 at 7:40 am

    I have to admit slowly slowly your teachings or rather learnings are rubbing off on me. By adding some Koiness to my day the world does look to be a very lovely place to be.

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