Big smile… We all woke up today!

I woke up this Saturday morning feeling decidedly fresh. A good nights sleep will always do that. Very uncharacteristically before I got going I sat at the end of my bed and popped open my Headspace app. I found Day 5 was next up and enjoyed a quiet meditative ten minutes. Truth be told I haven’t meditated for well over three months so it felt good to get my mind back on the path to peacefulness.

Next up was blending one of my now world famous and super mega awesome breakfast smoothies. See my last post if you want the recipe :). With those morning rituals out of the way it was off to the gym for a good endorphin rush to kick start the weekend.

It was at the gym that today’s little nugget of coconut dharma came from. While I was taking a break from telling the squat rack who was boss (Yea right! It’s been kicking my but all year!) I noticed a Thai commercial playing on the TV. I had my headphones on so I couldn’t hear the message but to be honest I really didn’t need to. It was a simple message and one I always take for granted.

The scene starts with a top down view of an elderly lady lying in a hospital bed. Her eyes slowly flicker open and she looks directly into the camera. Slowly the camera pans to her side and you watch her ever so slowly raise her hands in front of her in a traditional Thai “wai”. She closes her eyes as the tip of her fingers touches her forehead and then she opens her eyes and let’s her hands fall down at her side. If your not already in the know a “wai” is a very traditional form of greeting in Thailand. You can say it replaces a good old fashioned western handshake but to the Thai it means so much more. It’s a sign of respect and for the devote Buddhist the ultimate way, with a few extra dance moves, to show respect to the Buddha, his teachings and the many Buddhist monks.

To be fair I have no idea what the commercial was about. Which is probably for the better as I got to make up my own meaning. As I watched her wai awake the day it occurred to me she could very well have been giving thanks for simply waking up. We all now one day our chips will be up and the great game of life iPhone app will read “Game Over” but we pretty much ignore that thought most of the time along our way… well at least I do :).

However, it occurred to me that waking up really is one of the best things that happens to us everyday. So how come I’m not saying thank you as well! For sure some nights I don’t sleep all that well. And on other mornings I wake up not wildly excited about the events planned for the day. But you know what… I woke up… And that’s like winning the mega millions lottery on a cosmic scale.

For sure I won’t remember this every day but I’d like to make sure I don’t forget the lesson I learned. You know what… It’s not so bad… I woke up today :).

And with that I better get living!

Happy weekend!

P.S. Cut me some slack for any grammar foibles… My iPhone and I are rocking this post out today!


3 Responses to “Big smile… We all woke up today!”

  1. Happy morning with big smiles!

  2. Curlytop & Honeybun Reply November 22, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    I woke up today and it certainly does feel good.

  3. Great post. I remembered today ☺️

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