Power through the day with a Power Smoothie!

I’m pleased to report that I have now achieved master black belt ninja status with my Debenham’s model# BL2BS blender.  That’s right I can now blend anything into a designer masterpiece worthy of foodie blogs and magazines the world over.  Well… that might be stretching it a bit but at the very least I have now increased my food preparation skills 100% by starting to feel more confident blending :). Yep… doubling it means I could only do one other thing before and that “piece de resistance” was my famous Heniz baked beans on toast with delicious sharp cheddar cheese (without butter now for that more heart healthy focus).  Don’t knock it… it’s a power meal for sure!

I’m relatively new to blending and right now restricted to fruit smoothies… but saying that I’m convinced I could make everything into a smoothie.  What I like is the simplicity… add ingredients, dial up the blender and then pour it in a glass.  Clearly blending was invented for guys like me who are more scared of the kitchen than the dentist!

Getting to the point :)!

A while back I had my latest physical.  It was a full on four-hour flurry of every test seemingly imaginable.  It’s part of the wellness program at Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.  Think of the Ritz Carlton with a hospital buried inside!

Disappointingly the doctor said I wasn’t destined for immortality (despite my obvious objections) but we did settle on that I was in good shape with the only flag being higher cholesterol than the little computer he used to spit out my results liked.  No big surprise… the last doctor said the same and my father has always had high cholesterol.  A quick check on the Internet revealed everything from certain disaster if I didn’t lower it to not a care in the world as the numbers were all a conspiracy anyway to drive drug sales.  Well that was reassuring to say the least :)!

Regardless this seemed like a new challenge to see if I could make that computer like me next time around.  Research ensued and those I trust most gave me their words of wisdom.  What I came up with was a quest to keep my average intake of dietary cholesterol under this “magic” 300mg per day.  I say average as I’m not giving up all the delicious goodness in life and sometimes that can just simply rocket you over the red line.

This all eventually lead to my now patented Power Smoothie.  I wish it was patented… is that something I can seriously do???  This bad boy packs such a mean punch that I’m convinced I will soon find out it is bad for me too :). But until then I’m keeping my blender on high alert to get ready for good morning madness and enjoying it every glass along the way.  For those that like the sound of a tasty fruit smoothie for breakfast or just for a snack throughout the day get your favorite cutting knife ready, fire up the blender for a few test blends and find your favorite cup… it’s smoothie making time!

Ben’s Power Smoothie
Calories: Approx. 1200
Size: 1750ml (6 large glasses)


  • 126g non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 plum
  • 1/2 pint strawberries
  • 1/2 pint blueberries
  • 1/2 pint blackberries
  • 1 mango
  • 1/4 cantaloupe
  • 100g pineapple
  • 100g watermelon
  • 1 coconut (meat)
  • 1 coconut (water)
  • 1 kiwi
  • 7g 99% pure cocoa
  • 3 small bananas (or 1 big one!)

Personally I like to drop it all in the blender first and then watch it all disappear into a reddish orange sea of deliciousness.  I hear you can just add less fruit to make it smaller… but I like smoothies like Chinese food, a little bit of everything with obvious leftovers for later :).

Are you a fellow happy blending member of smoothie nation? If so leave a comment with your favorite recipes and share the healthy news!



6 Responses to “Power through the day with a Power Smoothie!”

  1. As I understand this makes six full size mugs of juice that would last me a week and drink before driving to work?


  2. I don’t see any cucumber on that list Ben😱

  3. Looking forward to my next power smoothie 🙂

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