Here’s To Andy

My sister Hannah and Andy are having a rough couple of weeks but I just know that together they will triumph! Here’s betting on blue in the future soon!


I’m back and ready to write. I apologize for it taking several days, but I have only just reached a place where I can talk about Andy. As opposed to crumbling into a pile of tears at just the mere thought of him. In quick summation Andy has been out of work for about 2 months now and came up lame just under 3 weeks ago. After investigation at the veterinary clinic we discovered that my boy is suffering with both Navicular and Kissing Spines. Both of these are degenerative conditions affecting the bones and tendons in the body and will progressively worsen over time. Navicular affects the bones and joints within the horses hoof- I’m not about to get technical and to be honest I don’t completely understand myself! Kissing Spines is pretty self explanatory- it’s where the spinal processes begin to touch, bone on bone is always very…

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