Time to Dust off the Blog!

Dear Friends,

Screaming down the home stretch of a full year I realize I have left my blog idle for far too long.  It’s at risk of becoming one of those Internet places that uses to be cool but long since forgot which model of iPhone we all carry now!  “Why?” You would not be at fault for asking!  The simple truth?  All day long I write posts in my head, as a I drive, run, heck even brush my teeth… but what keeps me from putting digital pen to electronic paper then???  Nothing!  It’s sort of like sitting on a perfectly good beach… with perfect sand castle sand, the sun roasting high above in the sky and somewhere somehow perfectly calibrated Caribbean music setting the mood… and you give up and go home because you can’t figure out exactly what to build with your bucket and spade!

What you are supposed to do is just get out there and build something, anything, knock it down and build something better. You’d think after years of dedicated Lego building I would have learned that lesson.  It’s not about what it’s going to look like when your done… it’s about enjoying the process of building it.

So!  With that I’m re-opening Ben’s trusty 22in Tumi Alpha edition 500,000 mile tried and trusted Suitcase.  I’m ordering sprints and sit-ups for my writing fingers and focusing more on the next word and not how they all line up neatly together.  Yes… it’s time to dust off the blog 😎.




4 Responses to “Time to Dust off the Blog!”

  1. Ben…I am delighted to get the note heralding your return to the writer’s pit! Get in there and muck about! Have a grand old time! Look forward to your posts!

  2. I write many essays in my head that never reach the paper, I formulate them when I drive, whilst I dream and in times of great sadness or happiness. I look forward to your return to your suitcase you always make me smile I am so proud of you my lovely boy.

  3. Looking forward to reading lots more.  Ken


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