Ben’s Travel Tips #2: #mom & Foursquare

Dear Readers,

Mums (Mom for Americans)… gotta love em’ :).  They are there when we are first hatched doing all the necessary duties to prepare us for the world at large. Food, clothes, washing behind our ears… it’s 100% concierge service 24/7 for like some 10+ years… more for some ;). Of course as is the natural order of things we eventually grow up, get fussy being taken care of and being watched over and want to spread our wings and fly. My mother always said I was destined to travel… that somehow I seemed impatient to long in the same place. I think for sure she was right… if 250k miles flown this past 2012 is any indication!

Sadly though for many of us we forget what a supreme sacrifice our dear old mums made for us while we crawled, wobbled and ran our way to adult-hood and independence. Most of the time as we spread our wings they ask for just one thing, “Call me when you get there and let me know you got there safe, ok?”. For me I’ve been wobbling and running my way headlong to and from home for well over 15 years now and yet somehow, and I think I always knew it, my mum is still gently watching over me… keeping her nose to the scent of indications of where I am, what I’m doing… and if I am drinking my milk :).Today though brings nye an excuse not to let our mum’s know where our adventures take us and for me it often brings me comfort to know that while I am zipping about to and fro she is back at the family castle with a little push-pin squished in a map at the last place I found a pillow and blanket.

Ahh…technology… Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, and many more… they are like digital pushpins in an electronic map of everything and everywhere. These days you can stumble across forgotten friends in the strangest corners of the world and all just because Facebook buzzed in your pocket to tell you so and so is nearby. For mums around the world the job no doubt just got easier… not that they really want to hear about the wicked hangover from the 15 hour bender at the pub but you get my drift :)!

And so comes another nifty little trick I came across to keep my mum in check when I pick up my trust Tumi and set off into the jungle.  It is called the #mom hashtag and it works with Foursquare. Basically you add this little moniker to your Foursquare check-ins and dear ol’ mum receives a text message with a delightful little message that you have arrived safe and sound. If you want you can even have it make a phone call instead, automated voice message and all! Here is the website to give it a proper look-see and to get yourself setup,

It was a snap to setup and I’ve already told my mum that I made it safely to the local cafe, pet store and back to the house… I was testing it out! It seems to work a charm and whenever I next drop my wheels onto the tarmac of a country I know my mum is sure to want to know I am in I can #mom my next check-in and she will be dutifully informed. Brilliant!



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2 Responses to “Ben’s Travel Tips #2: #mom & Foursquare”

  1. How very YOU, Ben 🙂

  2. Brilliant indeed but there may be some places you shouldn’t share with me. I’m so glad you made it the 100yds from the shed back to the house.

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