Bucket-List: UPDATED!

Dear Friends,

Last January I wrote a post titled, Bucket-List. I then updated it and it became “Bucket-List: Updated“… I know… real clever naming ;). Now, nearly 12 months later it is time to once again update the bucket list. Ā I mean let’s be real, another sheet on the toilet roll of life has been used up forever and I’ve got to make sure I know what I have to use the rest for :)! This time I pulled in the big guns and turned to Foursquare to lend me a hand with my bucket list making.

Never heard of Foursquare? It’s an awesome website/smartphone app that lets you explore around you and the rest of the world for cool places to check out. You can then, if you choose to, “check-in” at those places. Why? Why not!!! When you check in you get points for checking in… so there is a competitive streak to Foursquare as well. Foursquare then also remembers you checked in at that place and builds a journal of sorts of all the places you have visited. Bumming around the world I get a kick out of that… like that I have been to nearly 30 airports and more greasy spoon breakfast joints than is clearly healthy. Check in at enough places and you start to earn badges. Then you are among the elite cool Foursquare users… addict maybe… but still fun :).

But for me the real fun is the list making. You can make a list of places you want to visit in a particular city or just places in general all over the place. You can make as many lists as you like, join others you find interesting and if given permission even work together to build up a list. I’ve made Ā a few lists for various excursions, visiting Rome, Florence, etc. but my masterpiece is my freshly updated “Woot’s! Global Hot Spots”. It’s 114 of the juiciest spots around the world I have so far pulled together. No worries, it’s not foo foo stuff but real Indiana Jones stuff, i.e., The Pyramids at Giza, Table Mountain, etc.

So far I’ve been to 51… so quite a few more to go!!! If you like lists, buckets or otherwise check out Foursquare and sign up to follow one of my super awesome lists. Better yet, help me make it better and add your global must see spots to the list. Together just maybe we will check in to all of them before we run out of toilet paper :)!



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