Fly Baby Fly!

Dear Friends,

My bag is packed…neat little cubes of “stuff” all squared away in its place. Passport at the ready and my cell phone on full charge. Shoes on, jacket over my shoulder and grab the scarf because it is cold. Here we go!

It’s time to jump on a jumbo jet… with some 300 tons of steel, jet fuel and passion to fly. It’s a big world peeps and its time to log another 6000 miles on my internal odometer. Where will I go? What will I see? Who will I meet? From London to Bangkok to Tokyo and Singapore it’s gonna be a wild ride.

Tonight is looming near and tomorrow is a heartbeat away! I’ll sleep when I’m dead and sit in one place when I’m an old man. But today it’s time to plop in my earbuds, find some groovy tunes, snuggle into the back of my seat and get ready… because you know what?

It’s time to fly baby!!!

Even if you’re not making nooky with the clouds today get your adventure on! One life, a million dreams, a chance every day to make them true. Get both hands on the steering wheel of life and keep your eyes out the front where the adventure is yet to be had. Life may have been a box of chocolates for Forest Gump but for me it is a blue light special at K-Mart and everything is on sale… and it’s time to spend some money!!!

Wherever your adventures take you today sound a big Woot! And live ’em like you mean it!!!

I’ll see you at the end, bruise battered and ready for some hot chocolate ;). Until then…like Indian Jones once famously said, “follow me… I know the way!!!”



2 Responses to “Fly Baby Fly!”

  1. I will follow you although I am not sure you do know the way… And I am certainly not making anymore hot chocolate.

  2. There’s always a hot chocolate waiting for you here – I’ll even serve it in a classic British Flag mug πŸ™‚

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