Operation Save a Birdie

Dear Friends,


I was laying their like a baked lobster on my little floaty bed in the pool here at the Paragon yesterday.  I was drifting off into that place where you aren’t quite asleep but are definitely not awake.  You know… sort of still aware of what is going around you but not really awake enough to participate in it :).

And then…

I felt a gentle scratching on my right foot.  Hmm… that’s not normal I thought slowly coming to.  Maybe it was water dropping on me from the fountain over head.  No… couldn’t be.  Maybe I had brushed up against a leaf that had leapt of it’s tree… hmm… yea that could be it.  Okay, open eyes, investigate situation.


It was what looked like a small bird floundering in the water and desperately trying to clutch my feet to keep from drowning.  Think quick!  But don’t move fast or the little guy might go under the water!  “Okay… no little bird is dying on my watch dammit”, I said to myself as I investigated the next course of action.  So I quickly slipped of the floaty bed, and scooped the little guy up and plopped him down onto the edge of the pool.


Okay, crisis averted…  Upon closer inspection the little guy was definitely a baby.  He was decidedly upset about his near death experience and shivering like he had been dropped in a bucket of ice.  Time to engage the troops for assistance!  I grabbed a towel and wrapped him up and took him to the little coffee hut by the hotel.  My friend Koi and her staff and I discussed the best course of action.  Meanwhile one of the staff mooshed up some rice and started to see if he was hungry. It was decided he must have fell out of the tree leaning over the pool… so obviously we had to get him back!


A ladder was produced and a quick recon to see if the nest was where we thought it was.  Indeed it was and the little guy was scooped up again and rushed off to be put back home.  I carried him to the base of the ladder where our tree climber was standing by.  Our birdie was scooped out of the towel and clutched carefully as he proceeded back up to his home.  A little fumbling and…


By some ridiculous miracle of coincidence that little bird dropped right at my feet and I was able to spring to action.  The hotel staff made no excuse that this little bird was worth saving… and his life no less important that we shouldn’t try to help him out.  The whole experience lasted maybe 20 minutes… but damn it was the best thing that happened all day.

I know nature can be cruel… and no one would have been truly upset if our little sky diver hadn’t made it.  Nature takes its course as they say… but then again why does it have to.  The world spins, the sun shines and we all make our little dance about on it’s surface wondering what the whole game is about.  But for that little bird he had just one simple wish, “get me out of the water and get me home”… and that was one little victory we could deliver.  So… Little Birdie 1 and nature O :)… better luck tomorrow!




One Response to “Operation Save a Birdie”

  1. Yet another way in which you constantly amaze me. Life seen and heard through your eyes and ears is so much better than just life.

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