Get Up Damnit… Keep Going!!!

Dear Friends,

It’s absurdly quiet here in Bangkok at 11pm on Tuesday evening.  I’ve finished stuffing my face with sushi, mangos and sticky rice… oh and a cold beer to boot.  My laptop is whirring away gently in front of me and as I sit and type, responding to emails to and fro… I find this strange little feeling growing in my belly.

I’m sure you have felt it too. From no where for no particular reason you start to get excited… passionate… feverishly enthusiastic just to be… well… be living.  It swells up purposefully and before I know it I am scrambling head long for my Blog, my favorite tunes and instructing my fingers to get themselves sorted out because here it comes guys… I’m excited dammit and I’ve got to get it out!!!

The last two days I’ve been in a decided rut… the kind of one where you drift aimlessly from one obvious step to the next.  Wake up, brush teeth, put in eyes, have shower, get dressed, have breakfast, drive to office, work… drive home, have dinner, have drink… stare at wall… sleep… repeat… BLAH!!! Why it happens I don’t really now. Lack of good sleep? Too many things on my mind…to many demons fighting their way to the surface… pushing down the Ben that smiles and laughs… and letting the grumpy, frumpy boo boy out?

Who knows indeed! No doubt we all find ourselves with our face in the mud.  Starring out at the world asking what really is the point of getting back up and carrying on. The mud is comfortable… it is easy.  Just as it is easy to stay beaten down, pissed of or depressed. There is a certain satisfaction in writing ones own failures and confirming them in your mind. Before you know it it has spiraled out of control and all hope is lost. The sea-saw is hopelessly bent on one side and the glass is so empty that it has picked itself up and jumped off the end of the table in despair.


But then… and we all make this decision… you decide between laying in the mud… comfortable and easy… or crawling to your knees, pushing yourself up, standing up, wiping the mud from  your eyes and brushing it from your chest. Well you know what… I choose the later!!! The last two days have been s***! Ghosts of the past creeping out from their hiding places to blend my happiness into mushy peas. And you know what… for a couple of days they won… they got in front and they pushed me down… down into the mud… and from there I refused to get back up. But I’ll be a pickled strawberry if I am going to stay down! Amongst the best things I have ever heard is the mantra that “everyone falls down… it’s just how fast you get back up that really matters”.

Well I’ve been laying down too long and it is time to get my but back up off the ground! It is too easy to quit and too easy to stay beaten. If any of you have had a rough couple of days like me… then join in… it’s time to get up dammit… and time to keep going!!!





4 Responses to “Get Up Damnit… Keep Going!!!”

  1. The mud definitely pulls us down, but the thought of pickled strawberries has me definitely on the up and up. I am so looking forward to my trip to spend time with you, and for sure getting up matters, so get up and keep going.

  2. My favorite part is that you didn’t just stop at wiping off the mud… You took a deep breath and belted out a victory “Woot!”. Now that’s climbing out of the mud with style! 😉

  3. I told you once before to smash that rear-view mirror…sounds like you put it back together for a few days 😉 I know this wasn’t the intension, but laying in the mud actually sounds pretty relaxing 🙂 hahaha

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