Dear Friends,

It’s tough to figure out where some things in life begin. When did I first meet that person… when was the last time I saw them?  Have I been here before? I think so… it looks so familiar! Where did I hear that, I’ve heard that before! It seems often in my own, often ridiculous, life that these thoughts spring upon me. Don’t ask me why ;). And so it goes that not to long ago I found myself quite often writing and saying a new silly word, which at the time I couldn’t be sure was even an actual English word!

It just felt right to write it… and then to say it!  From where it crept into my vocabulary I shall never be sure… perhaps on a blog I was reading or maybe one of you inspired me and said it to me!  For a few weeks this silly new word toiled in my own vocabulary obscurity periodically finding its way into texts and FB posts. Then came Christmas and the holidays. Surrounded by family I could no longer blather in obscurity as I so often do during my travels :). My family queried at this word I was saying, “Ben, what are you saying!  What does it mean?”. Of course that only fanned the flames of a burning desire to just… well… say it more!!!

So… what is this mystery word you may ask? Have you already figured it out? Some of you I know for sure already know what it is ;). It’s… get ready…

Now… to be fair this is actually a word. The Oxford Dictionary, is there any other ;), defines woot as follows:



  • (especially in electronic communication) used to express elation, enthusiasm, or triumph:I definitely get Fridays off, woot!

The dictionary goes on to say that woot has been kicking around since the early 1990s!!! How did I not hear it before?!?! Anyway… enough of the history lesson :).

Woot instantly became the word of the holidays in my families home. Seemingly every opportunity to “woot!” was exploited. My extended family was introduced to “woot!” and encouraged in its use. This wasn’t the first time I might add that one word became the symbol of a holiday.  “Famwee”, “Poo Particles”, “Decant” all became famous in their own right… but that’s a tale for a different post ;).

What got woot going seemingly out of control was really a chance opportunity.  At lunch with mum (that’s how we spell it in England) and my cousin Sonia I was explaining the story of woot. Sonia was thoroughly unimpressed… probably chalking this up to my general silliness. However, a few days later I found, to my delight, a new post on her FB page with a simple little woot sitting neatly by itself. An FB chat ensued and Sonia said she was signing up to spread the word of “Woot!”. We decided we needed a symbol/logo and then obviously t-shirts would have to follow. The very next day what should arrive in my inbox from Sonia but the first, dare we say, virgin woot logo! Major props to the original artist :)!!!

The "Original" Woot!

Now it was ON!!! We had a word… we had a logo… we had ideas of grandeur and where do we go next? In a chance chat with my new friend Terri she let me in on the fact that she was in fact a brilliant graphic designer. What followed was a week of “Woot!” drafts. They were dutifully passed around to my friends and family far and wide with a close inner circle providing the most valued feedback. What color should the woot actually be, blue, green, yellow… oh yes… RED! Is woot a jeans and t-shirt affair or should they be more gentry? Nah… CASUAL! It all came together, quite fantastically with this… version 1.0 of the new… improved “Woot!” :). I even had one close friend say they looked like one of the “Woot!” people (you know who you are :))!

Go on… give it a try… WOOT! 🙂

So… not content with a cool word and a cool logo I’m onto the next step and this is where I need your help :). I’m starting up a new Woot! FB fan page and possibly a Woot! website… in case we get a ton of people who want a Woot! hat, cup, stickers, ooh! golf balls :)… you get the idea. I figure silly ideas like this sometimes turn into “Life is Good” or even Yahoo!… so why not give “Woot!” a chance. If you want to be part of the early club, click over to, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Woot/280877048640166, and join the Woot! FB fan club! And then tell everyone you know to join too!

I’m already thinking we need to get t-shirts made with slogans and so I’m looking for LOTS of ideas. Post them here or post them on FB… heck post them everywhere! I’ve already had some of the early “Wooters!” give some great suggestions :). “Live, laugh, Woot!” is one of my favorites!

Now to get momentarily sappy!

I’m not really counting on “Woot!” being the next “big” thing but I have to say it has been fun. From my little MacBook Air half a world away I’ve been chatting with friends and family from all over the world and sharing the excitement as this little adventure gets running. Woot is all about being excited and being excited is fun. Woot makes you smile and smiling makes you happy… so for me this was the perfect word for a brand new year! The friends that have joined in on the woot adventure and shared in the fun have made wooying their own… and now it’s not just mine… and that makes me excited to see just how far this little choo choo can go :). Heck, even my Dad is saying woot in his work emails :).

One day maybe I’ll pluck out a beat up Woot! t-shirt from my closet and put it on proudly. I’ll remember the time a few of us scattered far and wide came up with an idea, pulled it together and made it all the way to something I can hold in my hands. Or just maybe “Woot!” will one day be on everything from t-shirts, hats, coffee cups, golf balls and more :)… who knows… but the adventure will be fun either way!

Welcome to a whole new day peeps (people)! Today’s the day you now know you can woot… so from me to you… here’s a big ol’, WOOT!


PS: Sonia, I need to know the guy/gal who drew up the first Woot! so I can give them some props :)!
PPS: I owe lots of props to everyone who has already been excited to help. Fear not… you’re on the first t-shirt list :)!


4 Responses to “Woot!”

  1. Count me in…..WOOT!

  2. I’m pretty sure I am in the first lot. By the way I had a wootiful time in London. Woot.

  3. Woot is perfect….nothing better than getting excited for something, everyone needs a little more Woot in their life…Thanks Ben!

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