TinyTower…20 Floors & Counting


If you don’t know this about me I’m likely clinically addicted to my iPhone. I’ve always figured it is my equivalent of James Bond’s Walther PPK. Using that as justification I have even been known to let it sleep under my pillow…you know, in case there is a requirement for a midnight text or an all important check on my latest Word for Friends games.

Rounding out the list of lazy endeavors for last year’s holiday season though has to be the iOS game TinyTower. If you haven’t heard of it it is a simple little free game for your iPad, iPod or iPhone that charges you with a simple task: save and buy floors to build as tall a skyscraper as you can muster all while managing and keeping your residents (called Bitizens) happy.

It’s a painfully simple game…and maddeningly addicting. I’ve already challenged my mum to a “who can build the biggest bestest tower” and that has now grown into a full family affair! In all there are five of us now competing for the lofty title of “best tower” and it has even spawned rules of tower building etiquette. You know…no fair building your tower while we are all watching a movie…so now we have “tower building breaks”. Crikey…isn’t that sad!

However, although these little time sucks are often derided by the old school crowd of social bonding… It has got my family all sharing something in common, sharing funny stories about our Bitizen’s latest follies and trading tips on whether it is best to upgrade your elevator or trade in those all important “bux” for coins and the glory of building a new floor.

For my part I’m at 20 floors. I’ve got 30 happy Bitizens and I even renamed the top floor Ben’s Penthouse :). I’m sure this time next month TinyTower will have fallen off the radar but for now…it’s back to restocking the shelves and saving up for my next floor!


PS: If your an Apple junkie like me find my tower on the Apple GameCenter. I’m BenRed30. Happy building!



5 Responses to “TinyTower…20 Floors & Counting”

  1. I would like to add a comment…
    Against all odds, preparing lavish sumptuous meals, meeting the exhaustive demands of the family for yet more food (watch those pounds folks) I am maintaining a small yet hugely significant lead over you.

  2. I got to the 12th floor and deleted the game……..to damn addicting!!!!!!

  3. Myself and 4 of my coworkers are now addicted to this game!!!

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