Merry Christmas Mum :)

Dear Friends,

Today’s post is just for… well… like the title says, my mum :).  Merry Christmas mum!


London, champagne, center-middle seats, back stage passes and an overnight stay snuggled just 100 meters away… here is your mission should you choose to accept it ;).

Date: Saturday, January 21st, 2012 * Location: London, UK

14:00:  Depart Caldicotts Farm House, Lower Dicker

15:30:  Arrive The Gore Hotel *

As the website says:

“A quintessentially British hotel, just a glance from Hyde Park, The Gore offers luxury, privacy and undeniable character in equal measure.

Since 1892, The Gore has been one of the capital’s truly great hotels. The ethos of discretion, seclusion and excellence has allowed us to welcome a wide variety of fascinating guests through our doors

Complete with the iconic Bar 190, the fabulous Bistro One Ninety and three bespoke event rooms, The Gore will make sure your stay is memorable whether it’s just for a few hours or for a few days.”

16:00:  Check-in & settle into your room

You’ll be staying in one of the hotels just 50 unique bedrooms. For you its the Deluxe Room and as the The Gore says best, “Decorated in a style befitting the extravagant personalities of their one time occupants they all offer a truly memorable experience”

Basically… pretty posh!  Oh, and don’t forget to raid the mini-bar :).

17:30:  Dinner at Bar 190

Eat, drink… okay one more drink… but not too much… the show starts soon :)!

19:00: Head to Royal Albert Hall London

Don’t worry… you’re just 100 meters away!!!

19:10:  Check-in at Door #5 with your Tapis Rouge, Cirque Du Soleil, VIP Badges for the Totem Pre-Show Reception!!!

The show starts at 20:00 so don’t be late to your seat. Your in Stall L, Row 7, seats 87-88. You’ve got tickets for two so choose wisely! They say the best memories are those that are shared… so you can look back and remember with someone that it really happened… and getting spoiled is really only fun if you have someone to get giddy with anyway! Your snuggled down right slap bang in the middle of the middle… so just settle in, look ahead and let the action explode in front of you.  Make sure to cheer… make sure to clap… and if they ask for a volunteer… don’t be shy :).

Today and tonight your famous… so go with it! Wear your fanciest dress, slap on the Tag and find some bling. Get the big can of hair spray out and find your favorite lip-stick. Wear that super cool fur coat and the sparkly diamond ring I know you’ve got hiding upstairs. Take lots of pictures… smile big… laugh super loud and be damned the rest of the world!

When the show is over, just wander back to your hotel, snuggle in for the evening and find your way back to Caldicott’s Farm House the next day. The hotel knows your coming and the tabs on me… so make sure and drink the fancy stuff ;).

Merry Christmas mummy…



3 Responses to “Merry Christmas Mum :)”

  1. Wow, looks like quite an evening! If she needs company, let me know….

  2. Todays the day and I am so excited, I am only sad that you are not here with me to share in this experience, I would absolutely have taken you with me.
    Thank you Ben, you truly are the most wonderful son.

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