April 4th Update: Revealed

Dear Friends,

One upon a time when I turned 33 I promised an update to you all.  Some changes were in store for the life of Ben and they seemed post worthy indeed.  But alas… a quiet sense that I needed to wait fluttered in and kept me from spilling the beans.  And now… some six months and a few days later I can finally pull the wrapper off what that oh so important update was all about.

But first ;).

In April I found myself most decidedly at a crossroads.  A chance at love had failed me and starring in the mirror one morning I discovered that so too had the passion for the work that was filling up the hours of each day.  A conundrum to be sure.  So sitting there in the kitchen of my families home in Phuket, looking over at my close friend Julie munching away on a big bowl of fruit I decided something had to give.  You know… that moment when you decide it’s time to draw a line in the sand and make a decision which way to go… rather than just blithely keep going blindly forward.

On that day, somewhere right around my birthday I decided to call it quits in my role at my, then, present employer.  The journey had been fun, rewarding and had reached a point that just said quite loudly, “time to pack your bags Ben”.  I listened and resigned… or so I thought.  With a great amount of gratitude I accepted to stay on indefinitely when my company’s Board and President asked me to stay.  But the writing was clear on the wall and that was not soon to last.  June 31st found me on my last day on the job and my future open, bright and ready to tackle.

Unlike my days at Key, which for the record and with reckless abandon to the notion of not burning bridges is a company filled with truly unprecedented idiots of the first rate degree… deep breath… and couldn’t find its way with how to treat people with dignity and respect if it was given a “Dummies Guide” filled with pictures and very short and easy to understand words… phew!  Where was I… ah yes… :).   Unlike my days at Key my colleagues took me out for a truly wonderful farewell dinner. We joked, poked fun and remembered the good, the bad and the ugly. It was a memorable night and like the end of all great stories bittersweet. It had been a great three years and I have few regrets.

That day brought to a close a three year journey that I hadn’t planned, couldn’t have foreseen, couldn’t predict the end of and had no idea where went next.  I had, in no particular order; reunited with my father after far too many years apart; held back tears as my mother and sister set sail for their new home in England; agreed to make a go at a family business with my father in Thailand, flown one million kilometers (620,000 miles); bench pressed 221lbs (WOOT!); rekindled several old and sorely missed friendships; went on my first blind date (don’t ask), bought an iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple TV; visited 12 countries (I think!); helped start a company; helped sell a company; fell in love; got my heart broken; met my sister’s first boyfriend; met my sister’s second boyfriend; had my first panic attack; got my first ever prescription drugs (Damn they’re good!); had my first ultrasound; finally wore out my favorite flip flops; figured it all out; got confused about it all over again :).

And that gets me here to today and sitting in the Paragon Inn (www.theparagoninn.com) with a beer to my right, my iPhone to my left and my trusty MacBook in the middle… oh and a deep dish pepperoni pizza on order.  I’ve spend the day with my friend Koi scouting watches in downtown Bangkok and discussing how we can add another star to her already awesome hotel.  We’ve got some ideas and next weekend is already slated for dreaming up some ideas on how to make it all bigger and better… do I hear a coffee and massage hut coming soon???

It also gets me to one day shy of Monday morning and the start of another crazy week at my newest venture.  And that leads right into where I started… what the April 4th update was really all about.  Have I got you guessing yet?  Think you already know (some of you certainly do!)?  Well… borrowing a hint from a great 1980s movie, “Back to the Future”…

To be continued…




5 Responses to “April 4th Update: Revealed”

  1. I always feel so confused at the end of these things, never quite understand them, love reading them and the way you write makes me feel you talking just to me.

  2. I too am a little confused but loved reading every single word. x

  3. He is a fabulous writer, Sue! I always enjoy the reads, too. Especially when he has been out of my sight for far too many weeks…months? Look forward to the next chapter 🙂

  4. I don’t even know you personally, Ben, but I am on pins and needles waiting for the next chapter…..geez, I am dying to know what happened next……you are killing me……

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