I took off from Boston bright and early this morning at 9:45am… we soared into the sky in our little 737.  I climbed into my seat, 2K, next to a chap named Shawn and we traded small talk about how nifty the new Microsoft Smartphone was.  Made me think twice about my iPhone… but not quite :).  We traded idle chit chat, nothing more and lumbered our way along to Washington DC.

We weaved and wobbled our way as we came in for approach to DC and with a chirp and a bump rumbled along the runway as we found solid footing.  We slid up the gate and Shawn and I wished each other well on our next flight.  It turns out we were both bound for another leg together on our way to Tokyo so we did what I so often do not do, made fast buddies and made our way together.  We strolled along heading for gate C3 where our bigger Boeing 777 was waiting.  On our way we passed the United lounge and I asked Shawn if he was heading in.  He stopped, looked quizzically at me and said he didn’t think he could get in. I said, “Sure, let’s give it a try!”.  We strolled in and the nice lady let me through.  I said Shawn was with me and he nervously approached the counter.  A stamp and a, “thank you sir” later and we were both in.  First class lounge baby!

Another gentleman was just uncorking a bottle of champagne when the cork blew off with a load, “POP!”  We all looked around and it was no where to be seen!  This unknown chap offered to pour me a glass and I hurriedly agreed!  Shawn did as well and before we knew it we were both plopped down in squishy leather seats chatting about his last minute, there and back, meeting to Tokyo to visit a potential new partner for his business.  He seemed excited and we traded some thoughts on how the day might go for him.  Should he ask this potential partner to dinner or wait to see how the day goes, etc.?

Boarding time and we found our way to the gate.  Onto the jet bridge and down the door of the plane.  One slap on the side of the old 777 to wish her luck on our flight and I was aboard.  One of the United reps point the way to my seat and I wished Shawn farewell.  I found my seat, 2K again, and unpacked my goodies for the 13.5 hour flight ahead.

We took off with a rumble, massaged our way through the clouds and leveled off for the flight ahead.  Cell phone off, the outside world 40 thousand feet below.  Nothing but blue sky, the purr of the engines and my little head to keep me company.

Do you ever stop and wonder.  Wonder what brought you to the very place you are reading this little missive right now?  All the ridiculous and intricate chain of events that had to happen in perfect synchrounous harmony for your life to be at the very point it is right now?  If I had done this or that I may be here or there… no one knows.

As I sailed away from the ground below I looked out the window as it faded beneath the clouds.  I remembered those I have loved and that loved me.  Those that I have just seen and those I may never see again.  I remember those just starting out on grand adventures of their own and those finally dropping anchor to leave them behind.  I remember I have made choices that at the time were right for me… even if they hurt now.

I look ahead at the horizon and wonder what will wait for me when I get there.  Will I find my destiny or will have I have to work a little harder yet?  Will I be strong and make the right decisions even if at the time they are not easy?  Will I be the man I always wanted to believe I should and can be?  Will I make my family and my friends proud?  Will I look back one day and remember these days as one of the many adventures I was lucky enough to endeavor upon? Will I?

For now of course I do not know.  I have but to sit back, smile that I can smile, be happy that I have lived a good life and that out the window and down below there are those that will be excited to see me when I land, whether it be here or there, or somewhere in-between.  My destiny awaits and I don’t want to be late.  The little jet trail that snakes behind me reminds me where I have been and I swallow hard and remember that because of that path I know better which way to go forward today.

One more beer and a few more edamame in the lounge and it will soon be time to find gate C17, climb aboard my big boy 747, find seat, 2K once again, and snuggle in for another 6.5 hours.  I have to thank United upgrade certificates for this today for sure :)!  I hope I can sleep, maybe with a silly movie on and a pillow squished up against one ear.  I hope I will dream.  Dream of what tomorrow’s adventures will bring, where life will lead me once more into the unknown.  Today I fly and tomorrow I land and I feel like I’m just getting started… saddle up tomorrow… here I come.



4 Responses to “2K”

  1. Fabulous, once again. Made me stop and think, early on this Saturday morning, the path that has led me to where I am. Whether I have taken the right roads or the wrong roads in the past, life has brought me here. So be it. Question is, where to next… Have a great trip!

  2. ❤ it!!!! New adventures are around every corner Benjamin…trust me! You can plan and dream and wish (as you should) but life has its own way of working things out. It will be better than you ever imagined!! 🙂

  3. Loved this Ben! If your travels ever take you toward Atlanta, hit me up!

  4. I will always be proud of you no matter where or how your life path goes, and I know you will dream, they will be good ones and I echo Michelles comment, So be It, where next…

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