150 or Bust!

Click as the door handle springs open…

A slight squeak as the leather gives way as I snuggle in…

Roar… as the engine fires to life, the lights flicker on and the fuel gauge reads… full.

Quietly the car whispers, “Ready, set, GO!”

I shoot out the factory, cut hard to the right, then to the left, zoom past the guardhouse and out on the access road.  I crawl along behind the traffic as I make my way to Highway 7… my hands itch… my feet get anxious… the accelerator just begging to be slammed down.

Then… with little objection… ZOOM!

Down the highway like a bat out of hell!!!  The speedometer races forward with effortless ease as the little needle anxiously tries to keep up with my pure and unconditionally acceptance of anything less than 150 or bust.  The cars whiz behind as the air rushes through my hair and those on the horizon seem to jerk forward as we catapult down the highway.  Car’s closing in fast now as the speedometer races past 100.   I’m running out of highway… will the little beast nestled under the hood a few feet in from of me deliver in time?

Caution or abandon?  Reckless or responsible?  What the hell… ;).  I find fourth gear as I push the peddle flat against the floor and the beast suddenly becomes a lion. It roars with absolute contempt and rebels with a spit of the back tires as it lurches forward.  110…120…130…140…145…148… 150!  150 or bust!

She suddenly whines as I let the engine wind down and civility return to the car and the road.  The road seems suddenly so quiet now… the cars moving along in such careful harmony.  I can feel the rush ebbing as my heart rate slows and my fingers release their death grip clutch upon the steering wheel.  It’s over… time to exit the highway… turn left, right and left again.  Time to find a quiet spot on the verge and order some fried rice and beer.

For a moment it was all forgotten and for a minute it was fondly remembered…



14 Responses to “150 or Bust!”

  1. Love your blogs 🙂 Please drive more safely in the future though, Mr. Sutch!!

  2. Hey, “I thought I heard that you were dead”. When you coming back home bro?

  3. I’m exhausted just reading this, you drive way too fast are those miles or kilometres

    • It’s a lot in any denomination :). Let’s put it this way… I was going at least twice as fast as everyone else :). No worries mummy… I’m still here :).

  4. Oh Ben! I do hope this vehicle has a sturdy roll cage and a five point harness restraint system. Perhaps you need to spend a bit of time on a race track to get this out of your system between daily drives!

  5. Take me!! Ok it wasn’t 150 or even close, but remember Pickpocket Rd, after “the wedding”? That was fun!

  6. Hey! I just noticed a 1 star rating :(. What gives??? BOO!

  7. WHOAAAAA!!!! There are lots of people out here who love you and want you to stay in one piece. If you get the urge to do it again, PLEASE find a racetrack!

  8. Great ride and to expand just a little, It was about 18:00 with the sun setting at the end of the highway… the roof was down and the hot summer night air swirled around the cockpit like an Prince of Persia magic carpet … and indeed it appeared as if every other car was going half speed… hmm… memories of chasing him down Highway 101 when he was driving the Cobra … but those are his tales to tell, be well Dad

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