Theme Music: Everyone Needs It! * Peter Hodgson

I’ve always been a firm believer everyone needs their own theme music.  You watch movies and the heros and heroines have it and I say why shouldn’t we!   I wrote this little piece back in August 2009 for my dear friend Peter.  He’s my mum’s new boyfriend (giggle giggle) and somehow when I heard Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” this just clicked as being absolutely for him.  If you know Peter you already know he is an absolutely smashing chap and hopefully you will get a kick out of reading this, or rereading it if you got it the first time round :).

Have an idea of a good piece of music to follow you onto the stage at your next big event?  Well, make sure to drop a note in the comments and let us know!

August 2009

Team Sussex,

Everyone should have theme music. You know, that song or piece of music that follows you into a room announcing that YOU, mighty you, has arrived.  So imagine…

The building site sits empty. Bunnies hop into nearby bushes as the morning light approaches. Seagulls can be heard scurrying about in search of breakfast and the quiet chatter of the midnight air is giving way to the early beeps and honks of a nearby English town yawning awake.

A van pulls up. The gurgling engine whines to a halt and a moment of pause seems to last an eternity until the creak of the driver’s side door opens. The door closes and footsteps are heard and a few moments later the rear doors creak noisily apart. Shuffling…muffled chatter…and then… Faintly at first but most definitely obvious it snakes all around you. Could it really be?  Yes, it is!!!  Teapots suddenly stand to attention!  Newspapers flee doorsteps in fear!  Neighbors gasp in shocked amazement! It grows louder and suddenly it is clear!

Aersosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” is playing on the great loudspeaker in the sky!

From behind the clatter of the visiting van a sight begins to appear… In the front a strapping older man appears. Tools jingle majestically at his side and a lunch box jingles in a most manly fashion on the other. In RAF precision format workers flank our newly arrived hero.  As they come closer the music grows louder. Neighbors dogs sit reverently as the procession passes. The local milk man hurries a call to his wife to report his good luck at the sighting. And somehow, in a most erry and peculiar way, the work site trembles in feverish excitement at such an arrival.  The music reaches its crescendo! “Sweeet Emmmotion…” plays loudly from above and all around!!!  Peter Hodgson of York, a tried and true warrior of Packam Construction has arrived!!!

As the music dies down and the day begins it is widely reported in houses near and far that he, Peter of course, has come to their small slice of England.  And thus…a legend is born!


2 Responses to “Theme Music: Everyone Needs It! * Peter Hodgson”

  1. You’re on a roll with these posts, Ben! Keep them coming 🙂

  2. Giggle giggle, yet brilliantly stated. Not so sure about the lunch box

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