Andromeda “My Little Superman”

Dear Friends,

For me to say my sister is brilliant would be an understatement… but then again I’m her brother and entitled to say such things :). If you don’t know Hannah she is my absolutely awesome, one of a kind, best in the whole world, never duplicated or replicated… you may have guessed it… my sister.

Hannah will turn 17 this year. She is a far cry from the little bundle of blonde hair and squeeze friendly cheeks that graced my family just a few days after I turned 16… that’s right, right now I’m exactly twice as old :). Hannah has grown into a strong and independent young lady. She effortlessly scores A+s on her homework assignments and deftly navigates the mysteries of private school life, where school uniforms rule the roost but individuality is best defined in painted nails and lax efforts to tie neat ties. For those that know Hannah what you may not know is how much weight her young shoulders already carry. Each morning a little after 6am Hannah rustles from her own roost, pulls on one of my old SNHU fleece jackets and ventures outside to her barn. Greeting here are an army of chickens, one dog, two cats, nine sheep and two beautiful horses, Andy and Orion. She lets them out, feeds them, mucks out their stables, preps their clothes for the day and then somehow manages to scramble back in side, wholf down a quick breakfast and then get ready for school.

Yesterday Hannah set about to do her homework but that quickly gave way to more entertaining activities. Hannah curled up on her bed and set her laptop before her… inspiration was brewing. In the best of Sutch tradition Hannah started something, become sucked in by an insatiable desire to not stop until it was done and done right.

I have always been proud to be Hannah’s big brother. I always figured it was my place in the world to make sure she was safe and well looked after… even though I’m sure my mother and father think the same. But somehow it is different for brothers and thier sisters. For most of my life it was just me and I think I had come to accept that it always was. But now Hannah is a young woman of her own independent right, teaching me lessons of life in the way she lives hers and in doing so reminding me a little of what I once looked to the stars and dreamed off.

So just what was it that Hannah spent hours tucked away in her room doing? Well, if you have four minutes and a fondness for horses then you must watch her story, “My Little Superman”. I try to be a good big brother, sometimes I get snippy when I should instead be giving hugs… and although I think most of the time I am standing tall and strong… this time I couldn’t stop but being so overwhelming proud, proud to be her big brother and maybe just a little one when I watched this today.

Hannah… your my little superhero :).



One Response to “Andromeda “My Little Superman””

  1. Another awesome post, Ben. And beautiful words about your sister 🙂

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