Coffee & Batman

Dear Friends & Famwee,

I woke up this morning at something a little past 5am…closing in on snack time before lunch in Blighty. I found my contacts, shoes and keys and hoped in my car toward Dunkin’ Donuts (English version of morning tea). My little Saab steamed along spritely in obedience to its morning duties. All the while the rain splashed down on the windshield and the fog danced around the grill suggesting maybe I should slow down…but responsibility and 5am coffee runs rarely go hand in hand.

I found my way back with my coffee and zipped into my driveway. I roared up the driveway hitting the garage door open as I came. I was about to pull off my customary Batman technique of sliding into my garage while the door closed behind and I hop out in one deftly superhero smooth motion (which I have now perfected). Instead I stopped short…

I looked around and it hit me. This is my home…but in contrast to what is so often said maybe not where my heart is. It’s been a good home, it is strong, sturdy and keeps me dry and warm. May mail from around the world finds its way to me here. The IRS knows where to go to tax me for my cold coins. I have shared dinners with those I love and care for within in its stone walls and slept comfortably underneath it’s shiny metal roof. It is not sad when I am not home but always ready to turn the lights on for me when I come back. It doesn’t mind when I turn the music up really loud and charge around my house writing speeches in my mind…and is always up for watching re-runs of StarTrek.

More often than not these days I find myself not where my little castle waits to keep me safe. I know the best seat on most Boeing and Airbus aircraft, which is seat 14A upstairs on a Boeing 747…in case you were curious :). I know the airport codes of most cities I travel to and I don’t need to pay attention to the safety briefing anymore because I already know where my closest exits are, how to put on my life vest (inflate after exiting the plane) and the proper technique for leaping to safety if my plane should decide on a “water landing”.

In the not to distant future I will turn 33…a nice number, and one I’m looking forward to. I think it says young enough to still have the chance to pull of some Indian Jones style stunts before I get to old to be able to escape from poisonous dart spitting tribes-people while deftly avoiding being squished by a huge boulder and hanging on for dear life while my side-kick navigates our water boat from safety. At the same time I think I’ve racked up enough life miles (membership number 04041978) to be able to figure out what my heart and body are telling me when I take time to listen.

For me my heart is not where my castle stands proud and strong…it is where my family and closest friends welcome me into theirs. It is why I always try, whenever I can, to go and see those who travel far from where they start…to share in the excitement of a new beginning…a new place and a new home. It makes the world less scary when I can see those I care about spread over the map like little welcome home mats. I can close my eyes and imagine how it will look, how it will smell…where the beer is in the fridge and if my TV is in need of an upgrade :).

I pack my trusted 22in Tumi roller bag and dust off the wheels ready for another journey. Maybe I will see you on the way…and if so then home as they say is where the heart is :).

Now…first gear, rev to 3500 RPM, burp the tires, slide under the door just as it clears the roof and squeak to a stop just short of the back wall…pop the key out of the ignition while I hit the garage door button back down, open the door, grab my coffee and roll up the stairs to my castle. Damn that’s cool…eat that Batman :).



4 Responses to “Coffee & Batman”

  1. Are you packing again ?

  2. Now where are you going?

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