Coconut Dhamma, August 13th, 2013

This picture was taken during the worst floods in Thailand in 50 years. It was so bad our poor little factory was in danger of being flooded…and we had only just moved in! However, even as the flood waters loomed the best we could do was drop one sandbag into position at a time :). […]

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A smiling Ben and his new friend!

60 Blankets for Chiang Rai

Adventure Date: January 11th, 2012 Dear Friends, My plane burped down onto the short runway at Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI)  in the northwestern part of Thailand and as I looked out the window I wondered what the next few days would have in store. I was here for two reasons… not the usual temple […]

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Ben’s Travel Tips #2: #mom & Foursquare

Dear Readers, Mums (Mom for Americans)… gotta love em’ :).  They are there when we are first hatched doing all the necessary duties to prepare us for the world at large. Food, clothes, washing behind our ears… it’s 100% concierge service 24/7 for like some 10+ years… more for some ;). Of course as is […]

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Bye Bye 2012, Hello 2013

Bye Bye 2012, Hello 2013!

Dear Friends, With some champagne and a healthy dose of fireworks 2012 came to an end and 2013 was ushered in. Amongst the best good news of course was the world did not in fact end, which I had really been banking on, and that we would all get to put our New Year’s Resolutions […]

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Woot's Global Hot Spots

Bucket-List: UPDATED!

Dear Friends, Last January I wrote a post titled, Bucket-List. I then updated it and it became “Bucket-List: Updated“… I know… real clever naming ;). Now, nearly 12 months later it is time to once again update the bucket list.  I mean let’s be real, another sheet on the toilet roll of life has been […]

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Dear Friends, I laced up my shiny blue Addidas running shoes, fired up Endomondo and iTunes on my trusty iPhone 5 and headed out the door. The sun was still ablaze at 3pm here in Bangkok and the temperature must surely have been a million degrees.  Nonetheless it was time to run… maybe not because […]

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Fly Baby Fly!

Dear Friends, My bag is packed…neat little cubes of “stuff” all squared away in its place. Passport at the ready and my cell phone on full charge. Shoes on, jacket over my shoulder and grab the scarf because it is cold. Here we go! It’s time to jump on a jumbo jet… with some 300 […]

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To the Original 15

Once upon a time in college I did something pretty cool.  In a week it will be homecoming at my old alma matter and while I won’t be there in person I did my duty and paid in a little more to our scholarship fund… along with a little note to the 15 who banded […]

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Stonehenge, 5000 Years & Still Kicking…

Dear Friends, On this past soggy Saturday here on the south-coast of England my mother, Peter and I loaded up our Volvo with umbrellas, welly boots, and rain jackets.  We were set for adventure two and a half hours away on the plains sitting just outside Salisbury… and given the weather recently we needed to […]

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